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winter 2019


american bar association noun




american bar association the national representative for the legal profession in america. i completed a fellowship with the digital content team, which focuses on centralizing and modernizing social media strategy within the association.


  • digital design

  • print design

  • illustration

  • animation

The majority of my job consisted with providing visual support for online campaigns, posted and resurfaced through channels like Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. 

profile of the profession:

This campaign highlights some of the data found in a census of ABA members. this was an existing campaign, so I worked to create new graphics while keeping the aesthetic and feel of the older posts.  

Asset 8.png
Asset 9.png

mental health in law:

Mental health issues are always a big problem in high pressure jobs like law. ABA wanted to raise awareness around this issue and the mental health resources that they offered. since this is a very human issue, we wanted to create a more visibly human campaign - we decided the best way to do that was through hand-drawn illustrations and animations. I approached the animations through two different methods - through after effects and hand-drawn frame animation - to find which one i liked most for the campaign, and ultimately decided on the frame animations.  

after effects:

frame animation: 


One of the benefits of being an ABA member is their free library of continuing legal education seminars. This campaign was created to market this benefit to potential members.

aba top ten

This was a year-end social media push highlighting ABA's top ten articles throughout the year. I created an illustration for each of the articles. 

Asset 6.png
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