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spring 2019



  • print design

  • ui/ux design

mitu noun




The #metoo movement in China has become a fight for not only female rights but civil rights in general. China has a long history of suppressing human-rights movements and activists, and quickly scrubbed any mention of #metoo off of Weibo, China's social media sites. However, the members of the movement quickly found ways around the censorship: from finding alternative hashtags like #mitu (which means rice bunny in chinese) to circumventing the internet ban with blockchain.

These designs and illustrations were created for an explainer piece done for class. This is about the #mitu movement, bringing the story to both print and mobile.


Here is an alternate title spread designed with one of my illustrations.


This is a mobile story designed for a Snapchat story format. I wanted to incorporate the history of protest culture into the story to give context to the #metoo movement in China and a deeper understanding of the political environment in China.

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